GSM-gateway G20 and G8 are certified with Elastix

 GSM gateway G20 and G20 are certified with ElastixWe are glad to announce the Multichannel GSM-gateway Polygator G20 has passed successfully the tests of the Elastix Hardware Certification Program (EHCP). Certification extended to model Multichannel GSM-gateway Polygator G8 as well. You can check this out on the EHCP website:

 Elastix - is an Open Source Sofware to establish Unified Communications. It is an Asterisk Based distro.

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IMEI code processing support for 3G-versions (UMTS) of gateways and cards

Paid option "IMEI processing" is available for order for 3G-versions (UMTS) of gateways and PCI-cards. This options opens access to information about IMEI-code of UMTS/GSM-modules via special commands.

GSM Board without External Feeders

GSM Board without External Feeders

Improved version of PCI VoIP GSM board without external feeders means there are no aerial wires on the board surface. Instead, aerial path is made as a separate layer in the multilayer printed circuit board. Such configuration is more reliable and minimizes the possibility of mechanical damages and failures of connecting aerial wires.

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Hybrid mode: concurrent PRI and VoIP support for K32

Hybrid mode (PRI and VoIP concurrently) is implemented for gateways of K32 series. This allows flexible switching to VoIP technology for owners and buyers of PRI-versions of К32 GSM-gateway.

Hybrid mode allows to assign certain GSM-channels to work with PRI trunk and certain channels to work with VoIP in a single device.

Multifunction GSM Alarm

GSM Alarm is a compact (88x56x22mm) device powered from 9...36V DC source that has a built-in big capacity Li-Ion battery and allows for monitoring of six basic and four auxiliary inputs configured either as a discrete input or as a decoder each within the range of up to 24V, and for controlling two outputs with an open collector loaded up to 24V 0.2A (with external relays, the power supply of two device groups of up to 3kW each may be controlled). In addition, the ambient temperature, supply voltage and battery voltage are monitored.

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USB-port for GSM socket

External USB-port in a new version of Rebooter alows to transmit commands to the device same way as by SMS-commands and receive alarm/status messages via USB besides common SMS-messages.

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Polygator on CeBIT 2012

Polygator on CeBIT 2012 Polygator is already on CeBIT 2012. Hall 13, Booth A71.
You are welcome!

In case you are in need of entrance tickets we still can provide entrance tickets for free. Please contact us and write how many tickets you need.


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