GSM Gateway

GSM gateway

Wire phone unit or mobile phone has become an attribute of any office and any employee work place. Due to intensive usage of telephone communication in business, its cost is of utmost importance. When you make thousands of calls per month, you start to receive huge bills and have to think about savings. Is there any way to cut the communication costs even with the "lowest" rates and "special" terms of your communication operator? Such way exists and its name is GSM gateway.


Usually, GSM gateway (or GSM bridge) incorporates one or several SIM cards of a mobile operator (just like in a typical mobile phone) and capable of establishing multiple concurrent calls. GSM gateways architecture evolved with time from simple analogue units with only one SIM card to modern gateways that may serve tens of SIMs and, coupled with a so called SIM bank, even hundreds of SIMs in remote locations. 


Structurally, the gateways evolution was aimed at increased number of SIMs. In addition, user interface for parameter setting, modern communication standards and PRI, VoIP protocols support are the must for any state-of-the-art GSM gateway.


Many companies purchase gateways to save and gradually start using them for SMSs and calls recording and similar functions. Savings are the global goal therefore the gateway as a saving instrument remains widely used for many years. Those who apply it manage their costs successfully receiving additional voice channels for increased number of simultaneous conversations. Connected, the GSM gateway will automatically direct the calls that offer savings via the most cost effective phone channel (SIM card).


Polygator GSM Gateway


Multiple SIM gateway is always sought after by small and medium scale businesses. Simple in utilization and setting unit is mandatory for reliable and efficient functioning of a company's PBX.


G8 GSM gateway for 4 / 8 channels


VoIP-GSM шлюз G8 с WiFi модулем 

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For companies operating call centers, the number of channels is a key factor. The more channels are in the gateway, the more employees may simultaneously make or receive calls.


G20 GSM gateway for 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 channels (scalable)


VoIP GSM-шлюз G20 (4-20 каналов)

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If, for example, we insert 32 SIMs into such unit, we can make24 outgoing and receive 8 incoming calls at the same time (total 32 calls). Polygator К32 model is based on an industrial computer chassis with the possibility of installation of up to 32 SIMs.


K32 GSM gateway for 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 channels (scalable)


 GSM-шлюз К32 (8-32 канала, VoIP, PRI)


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Any of the models above uses VoIP or PRI stream together with GSM (or UMTS) network. The gateway may be either connected to an existing PBX or integrated into a new PBX that utilized VoIP technology. If specially ordered, our company makes a gateway capable to perform PBX functions to establish a company's telephone communication network.


In addition, our company makes computer PCI boards that transform an ordinary computer into a gateway. The following models may be used for creation of a GSM gateway for 4 or 8 channels of a traditional computer with Linux operation system or Asterisk software.


Computer PCI GSM board for GSM gateway for 4 / 8 channel


GSM-плата ISA/PCI (совместима с Asterisk) 

Go to detailed description of 4-channel and 8-channel GSM-card, ISA/PCI (Asterisk compatible)



Possibilities and GSM Gateway

Using GSM gateway, you receive a multichannel mobile "golden number", automated attendant like "Hello, you have called to ... company, please, press 1 to address your question to our Sales Department...", bulk SMSs function and control over your communication costs via call and their cost reports. Multiple additional software options will, if necessary, extend its capabilities for the company with special requirements in terms of security and the technologies applied.


There are Voice IP systems allowing to make very low rate on-line calls, though, this is reasonable only for international communication. For in-country mobile and long distance calls, GSM gateway is a usual application as it ensures bigger savings compared with VoIP here. So, international Voice IP system is a perfect option for the gateway that, though, cannot replace it.


If your company pays for telephone conversations more than 2 to 3 "unlimited" mobile packages, it's time to think over GSM gateway purchase. The pay-back period of this investment may take 1 to 2 weeks or several months depending on the savings offered by your individual solution. In any case you will start to save on a regular basis in future.


Increased profit, reduced costs, better customer service and your company's mobility – these are the benefits for those who uses GSM gateways.


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Native drivers Certified with Tested with Technologies
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