Remote power switch

Remote power switch

Remote Power Switch is rather a general term than a specific unit. So, any remote power control technology implemented in a GSM unit may be called Remote Power Switch. There are many similar units incorporating this technology. The main function of the device is to control power connectors via SMS or phone calls. Theoretically, such device may control various environment parameters (such as temperature, illumination, humidity...) and send SMS reports, though these functions are realized on an individual basis.


If a remote server, modem or router hangs up and requires urgent resetting, this problem is usually solved by reset button. But to press it, the operator have to go to the server location or ask someone to do a favor. You can ask for a favor once, twice... and, finally, you'll have to go to the office or a branch personally. And this means additional time costs, angry boss and customers. Or it may be necessary to switch off the power as soon as possible (for example, in case of an hostile attack on your office aimed at taking out the information).


Any company and any system administrator may find themselves in a situation like this, and there is a simple solution. It is the remote power switch. Now, this function available for you and realized in special units developed and manufactured by "Polygator" company.



In its various modifications, remote power switch, provides remote power control for the devices operated from 220 V / 110 V power network.

A standard remote power switch consists of a housing mountable on 19" rack, is connected to 220 V/110 V network and supplies power to other units (up to 6) via the built-in standard sockets. The power supply is controlled by sending an SMS with the socket ordinal number to the SIM card installed in the unit. The SMS contains the command for switching on/off/resetting of any or all of the sockets.



GSM-ребутер, GSM-розетка 

Standard GSM-socket 6 channels 19-inch (19") rack mountable

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For remote power switching, a transit unit may also be used. A pair of sockets (inlet, outlet, computer sockets) is used for each power circuit (total 6 circuits). Having received the SMS command, the unit opens or closes the contacts of a specific chain. This way the power control may be realized with units connected via an uninterruptible power source (UPS) provided the remote power switch is connected in series.


Транзитный GSM-ребутер с компьютерными разъемами (стандарт C15 / C16), GSM-розетка

Transit GSM-socket 6 channels 19-inch (19") rack mountable (C15 / C16 sockets)

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Wall mounted remote power switch is an electric board with several high power circuit breakers, which may be used for the whole office power control. This modification for high current supply circuit will also be suitable for production rooms.


Дистанционный блокиратор напряжения GSM.powerblock 6/16, GSM-розетка

Remote voltage isolation unit GSM.powerblock 6/16


References from our customers using the remote power switch:


"The remote power switch sends SMS immediately when the power is cut in the electric network of the office, entrance hallway or building that we service. Then, fast measures for back up power supply are taken (for example, we enable a back up generator)," – shares his experience an Internet provider system administrator.


IT department manager: "We use the remote power switch for controlling the power in the equipment rack. It also functions as a remote temperature indicator in the server room. The unit sends an SMS, if the temperature threshold is exceeded. Then we have an opportunity to send SMS with, for example, a command for the actuation of the power switch controlling the air conditioning system in the server room."


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