Polygator K32

Multichannel GSM-gateway Polygator K32

 GSM-шлюз К32 (8-32 канала, VoIP, PRI)

This is multichannel (8 to 30 channels) GSM-gateway. Every channel equipped with GSM-module and works similar to regular mobile phone. It may have phone number of any mobile operator. The device checks all outcoming calls and in case abonents match the "white-list", the call being directed to gateway of other operator or to PBX connected with PSTN. GSM-gate connected to PBX by Digital Subscriber Signalization (DSS1, 2Mbit/s E1 or T1, ISDN-PRI) (incoming and outcoming channels, total quantity - 30).

Product code: POLYGATOR K32
(4-unit, scalable from 8 to 32 channels)


Short Description

How it works?


GSM-card extension

"How it works?"
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 GSM-шлюз К32 (8-32 канала, VoIP, PRI) GSM-плата ISA/PCI (совместима с Asterisk)

Technical characteristics:
- chassis (size 4U)
- commutator module (support of all protocols from 2VSK to ISDN PRI) + wiretaps/control of channels
- processor module, CS(computer software) of (control, monitoring, calculation, billing) on DVD- disk.

List of equipment:
- RC board on 8 GSM ports
- module, supporting VoIP for RC board
- module, supporting Sim – Server (operation with Sim – cards in Sim – Bank through TCP/IP)
- matrix on 32 Sim – cards for RC board
- read-IMEI modules

- vertical antenna (for installing on the surface)
Антенна всенаправленная
- directional antenna YAGI + combiner of 8 GSM channels (for distribution of load on different base station of Mobile Network Operator). It is recommended for equipment of 16/24/32-channel gateways.
Пример подключения сплиттера к GSM-платеСплиттер 8-в-1 с направленной антенной YAGI Сплиттер 8-в-1 с обычной антенной

For connecting to PBX, office PBX
- for 24 channels: Chassis, three boards RC, 24 antennas
- for 32 channels: Chassis, four boards RC, 32 antennas

For connecting to VoIP:
- for 24 channels: Chassis, three boards RC, VoIP and read-IMEI modules, 24 antennas
- for 32 channels: Chassis, four boards RC, VoIP and read-IMEI modules, 32 antennas


General Description

Multifunctional VoIP-GSM gateway for 8-32 SIM-cards for connection of GSM and VoIP networks. It serves for calls routing between desk IP-phones and mobile networks (GSM) as well as receiving/sending SMS, sending USSD-requests. Integration of the VoIP-GSM gateway into the corporate telephone network facilitates saving on costs of «office — mobile phone» calls. By the means of GSM-gateway it is easy to create telephony at locations where PSTN telephony is unavailable.


This model allows scaling of GSM-channels (SIM-cards) number from 8 to 16, 24 and 32. The chassis of K32 has 4 universal slots for PCI and/or PCI-express extension boards (GSM, 3G/GSM). There is an IP-PBX Asterisk of latest version could be preinstalled on the GSM-gateway. The device operates under OS Linux 2.6. Gateways are compatible with SIM-Server/SIM-bank solutions, reliable and straightforward in operation. The gateway design assumes 19-inch rack mounting (4 units height) or desktop placement. The equipment is compatible with IP PBX’es like Asterisk, 3CX, Oktell, Askozia, Elastix, Lynx, Cisco Call-Manager, Kerio Operator, etc.


Application and benefits Gateway between cell networks and IP-PBX. Bulk SMS gateway or SMS server. Call termination/origination. Establishing of GSM-gateways distributed network by the means of the remote SIM-card management (SIM-server/SIM-bank). Support of all main telephony and SMS protocols. Embedded IP-PBX Asterisk, embedded SMS-server. Scalability and openness for adding custom Linux-software. The Gift: cloud mini-PBX service for 6 months. Free technical support - 1 year. Warranty - 2 years.


Key features

  • Quick-start – ready for operation out of the box
  • Scalability (increasing GSM-channels quantity) to 32 channels
  • OS Linux – open system for fine-tuning by specialist
  • High traffic capacity - 600 minutes per day and more, per channel
  • Callback feature — additional money saving feature for cell phone calls
  • Closed channel mode — placing call via specific GSM-module
  • Lowering base stations load – option to shut off unused GSM-modules
  • System management and monitoring via Web GUI, console or SSH
  • Detailed CDR – gateway automatically stores detailed information about calls into a file
  • Detailed cause codes (disconnect codes) of a mobile network – useful feature for predictive dialers
  • Gateway is ready to act as a standalone PBX thanks to preinstalled popular free IP-PBX Asterisk
  • Incoming call routing — thanks to an intellectual processing of incoming calls based on Caller ID, the call can be forwarded to previously defined route
  • Outgoing call routing based on lowest cost (Least Cost Routing) – ability to route outgoing calls by best (cheapest) cost
  • Integrated LAN and WAN ports — it is possible to use either public or private IP-addresses
  • VPN-client - client for VPN-networks is preinstalled
  • Cutting costs for calls from office to mobile phones
  • Comfortable way to reach the office staff for clients and workers – no need to call landline office numbers, just dial any SIM-card paced in gateway followed by extension number
  • Redundant voice channels for office
  • Quick installation of telephones for remote office or shop, where fixed lines are unavailable or costly
  • Cutting calls cost when travelling abroad



VoIP-GSM Gateways application

  • Cost saving on phone bills with Least Cost Routing
  • IP PBX for remote and temporary installations
  • Creation of a virtual office with remote extensions
  • Forwarding calls to mobile phones
  • Call center and communication for SOHO/corporate/multi-branches
  • Elimination of roaming fees with Callback
  • GSM Connectivity for IP-PBX Asterisk/3CX/Lync/Kerio/Elastix/Askozia etc.
  • Back up solution in case of a PSTN/VoIP failure
  • Mobile IP PBX
  • GSM call termination (from VoIP to GSM, 3G/UMTS/WCDMA)


Technical details





Multichannel VoIP/GSM gateway POLYGATOR K32


Metal chassis with active cooling, 4 slots for installation of channel boards



GSM channels

8, 16, 24, 32 channels

Network types

Depending on package bundle:

2 bands (900/1800 MHz)

4 bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

4 bands + WCDMA (3G) (850/900/1800/1900 MHz + 2100 MHz) (option)

GSM modules

QUECTEL M12 (2 bands) or M10 (4 bands) or SimCom 5215 (4 bands + 3G, paid option)

Transmitter power

2 W (1 W)


Small plug-in, 3В

Antenna connector

SMA (female) impedance 50 Ohm

Channel board

8, 16, 24 or 32 GSM-channels with 1 SIM-card per channel, i.e. for installation of 8, 16, 24 or 32 SIM-cards.

It is possible to use almost unlimited quantity of SIM-cards by using remote SIM-management technology SIM-server/SIM-bank


Voice signaling


Voice channels quantity

8 - 32 channels

Codecs (hardware)

G.711 PCM at 64 kbps, G.729, G.723, G.726, DTMF support

SIM-cards management

SIM-server Polygator

Full protocol support, ready to be connected to existing systems based on SIM-server Polygator


External management protocol

Set of commands for managing gateway via port 9005



SMPP v3.4, AT-command mode (GSM-module as Ethernet-modem), Email-to-SMS / SMS-to-Email, custom SMS-protocol (port 9005), SMS via Web-interface, script execution on SMS arrival (Web-hooks), i.e. executing HTTP-request to external address  (CURL) with SMS-details as parameters

Other ways to work with SMS

"SMS-client" software for port 9005

PRI/E1 (option)

E1 trunk module

May include one or two E1 trunks. 30 channels PCM, flow 2 Mbps standard G.703, G.704 ITU-T

Modulation type

HDB3; A-Law encoding, Master/Slave

PRI ISDN information

EDSS1 (Q.931), DTMF support. Connector RJ45


120 Ohm (standard)


Processor board

One Ethernet 10/100-Base T port, several USB-ports. One COM-port (RS 232), one port PRI (option)



Angle-type solid small antennas or discrete antennas (3m feeder, 10 cm height) on magnet base

Directional (option)

Amplifying YAGI-antenna with coaxial cable 10m length (can longer on order)

Antenna combiner (option)

Channels quantity

8 channels (use multiple combiners to cover more channels)

Directional antenna

Amplifying YAGI-antenna with coaxial cable. Cable length: 10m (can be longer if required)

Connection losses

8–15 dB

Input connector type

SMA (female), impedance 50 Ohm

Output connector type

SMA (female), impedance 50 Ohm


Operating system


Management software

Elgatos service – provides calls commutation and all gateway features. Web GUI – provides comfortable access to most features and controls, allows to manager gateway via WEB-browser SIP-agent SipUA – provides SIP-protocol implementation and connection to external VoIP/SIP-applications or to preinstalled on-board Asterisk

Additional software

Asterisk (optional), VPN Client «OpenVPN», IP-Tables, web-server (thttpd)


Power supply standards

Power supply 220V (AC)

Control features

LED indication

Remote control

TCP/IP (Telnet protocol): SSH via on-board IP/Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T, RJ-45


Dimensions without packing


Net weight


Dimensions with packing

62 х 57 х 34 cm

Gross weight with default bundling (i.e. with no options)

15.3 kg

Operating temperature

10–50 °C

Relative humidity

Below 95 % at 40 °C


Air-conditioned room, UPS, grounding




Contact Details

POLYGATOR (manufacturer)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



+380(56)719-9030 (Office Landline)
+380(67)527-4171 (Mob/Telegram)

UK+44(203)769-1858 (Virt.Landline)

USA+1(312)940-6939 (Virt.Landline)

Compatibility Short-list

Native drivers Certified with Tested with Technologies
(PCI GSM Interface Card for 4/8 SIM-cards)


SoftSwitch, IP-PBX

VoIP Billing

SMS software



G.729 G.711 G.723 G.726 DTMF

SMS protocols
SMPP SMTP AT-commands SMS-via-SQLLite (Under Asterisk)

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