Controllable switching between BTS by the GSM-gateway

gsm-gateway-base station_switch

GSM-gateways Polygator allow to setup special mode of interaction between the GSM-gateways and Base Transceiver Station (BTS). For example, there is special mode for switching automatically between visible 6 base stations on certain conditions.

Switching among BTS is performed during pauses between voice calls. Frequency of BTS switching is set by randomized time bounds. Besides, some of visible base stations can be excluded from the list. The list is available on the web-interface of GSM-gateway and accompanied with some additional information. Operation mode and base stations list can be set up for each GSM-module individually.

VoIP-FXS gateway for 40 channels in 19” chassis


VoIP-FXS gateway Polygator is available in chassis for 19” rack installation. Chassis height is 1U, material - metal. Having 40 FSX-ports gateway enable you to integrate modern telephony technology like international SIP-trunks quickly even with old analogue desktop phones.

VoIP-FXS gateway Polygator can be equipped with up to 40 FXS-channels providing direct connection of regular analogue phones. Some FXS-channels can be replaced with FXO-channels (for receiving analogue lines), as well as with GSM-ports and UMTS/GSM-ports for direct SIM-card insertion or for remote SIM-cards commutation.

The gateway can be used for fast integration of SIP-telephony in offices, hotels and any other institutions with big number of analogue line phones. Besides, the gateway have IP-PBX Asterisk installed, which can be engaged optionally. Enabling on-board IP-PBX software will turn gateway into standalone full-functional mini-PBX.

SMS-gateways Polygator – universal solutions for SMS, USSD, STK and QoS


Polygator GSM-equipment is capable of performing tasks not only for voice telephony but also for establishing full-scale SMS-solutions. By using GSM-gateways or GSM-cards it is possible to perform bulk SMS-sending and receiving of SMS in GSM and UMTS networks, execute USSD-requests and perform testing of mobile network services quality.

It is possible to integrate device in any system by protocols HTTP, SMPP, Email-SMS, AT-commands via TCP/IP directly to the GSM-modems and others. By using GSM-cards Polygator under IP-PBX Asterisk it is possible to work with SMS via SQLLite database or dialplan. In order to use the Gateway as QoS probe it is possible to setup custom script execution on each event. The script can be written on any scripting language supported by Linux Shell and will be executed each time event detected by software. For example, the system can perform HTTP-request to remote server each time SMS or Call received. Such HTTP-request may include additional information like caller number, IMSI of receiving SIM-card, data about BS and additional timing information.

2gsm-board-8ch copy

For creating big-scale systems it is worth to consider the use of SMS-gateways with SIM-banks and SIM-server software. By using a SIM-bank you can save time on processing hundreds of SIM-cards, automatically perform SIM-card activation and using cheap SMS-plans. The system will automatically rotate SIM-cards in GSM-gateways in order to keep constant service availability. Additionally, Polygator SIM-server software can be controlled by external systems via an API.


POLYGATOR at Gitex 2013 (Dubai, UAE)

We thank all visitors of our booth at Gitex 2013 (Dubai, UAE).

Gitex 2013 (Dubai, UAE) Gitex 2013 (Dubai, UAE) Gitex 2013 (Dubai, UAE)


gitex 2013

Wi-Fi USB-dongle is supported by VoIP-FXS gateway for 40 channels


If you need to connect FXS gateway Polygator to network, but you do not have cable in the right place you still can use Wi-Fi. By installing Wi-Fi USB-dongle in one of the USB-slots, you can immediately have the device working in wireless networks.

VoIP-FXS gateway Polygator can be equipped with up to 40 FXS-channels, as well as with FXO-ports, GSM-ports and UMTS/GSM-ports for direct inserting of SIM-cards or using remote SIM-bank. Pre-installed IP-PBX “Asterisk” can be optionally engaged in telephony tasks as standalone mini-PBX.

Asterisk module for PCI GSM card is updated

Software "chan-Polygator" is recently updated. It provides all functionality of the PCI GSM card under Asterisk. Module "chan-Polygator" is updated to version 1.7.9 to sustain maximum compatibility with more recent Asterisk release 12.


PCI GSM card for Asterisk provides voice and SMS processing and produced in two versions for 4 and 8 SIM-cards.


Product page 4-channel and 8-channel GSM-card, ISA/PCI (Asterisk compatible)

iPhone-application Polygator PDU

Polygator PDU App Screenshots

Now it is easier to control Polygator power distribution units (PDUs) from mobile phone thanks to application Polygator PDU for iPhone. Application can be installed on phones with iOS 6 and higher.


iPhone-application Polygator PDU for remote control of rebooters (PDUs) is available at AppStore 


Link to application at AppStore


A similar application for OS Android will be released shortly.


  Polygator PDU App Screenshot Polygator PDU App Screenshot Polygator PDU App Screenshot Polygator PDU App Screenshot Polygator PDU App Screenshot


Read more about Polygator PDU devices

POLYGATOR at CommunicAsia 2013 (updated 18.06)

POLYGATOR at CommunicAsia 2013, day 01 POLYGATOR at CommunicAsia 2013, day 01

POLYGATOR's first day at CommunicAsia 2013: having plenty of visitors at our booth #BL5-04.




POLYGATOR booth is ready for CommunicAsia 2013 opening Only few hours left till CommunicAsia opening! You Are Welcome to POLYGATOR's booth #BL5-04.

Support for analogue lines FXO and FXS in GSM-gateways/IP-PBX Polygator G20

G20 with FXO and FXS

G20 series GSM-gateways are capable to commutate calls not only to GSM but also to landlines (PSTN) as well as to connect analogue phones. Adding analogue FXO-ports and FXS-ports are as simple as adding GSM ports - by installing extension boards.


Currently, them maximum allowed number of FXO-ports are 4. Number of FXS ports is limited to 40.The maximal number of GSM-channels are 24.


For example, by installing G20 equipped with 24 FXS-ports, 4 FXO-ports and 4 GSM-ports, you will have multifunctional Asterisk-based IP-PBX. It will provide you with all modern IP-PBX features (voice menu IVR, call recording,...) and will commutate 24 analogue desk phones, 4 landlines and 4 SIM-cards.


Money saving opportunities:
1) you don't buy standalone PC-server for IP-PBX

2) you are not forced to change analogue desk phones to SIP-phones

3) all users save money by calling via GSM-gateway


Product page

PCI-e GSM-card 8/4 channels

PCI-express GSM-card for 8 channels PCI-express support is implemented for GSM-cards for 8 and 4 channels. Standard of PCI-e is 1x. The card supports all functions of the previous model (PCI-series) and available for ordering.

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